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& have fun in the saddle while you "fill in" any gaps in your riding knowledge


This is The Plan

You Know about the 'Why', Now Take Action using the the 'How'

The Clarity & Confidence Riding Program will take you step by step through the essential principles you must work on to fully develop your horses natural abilities.

It allows you to finally create a plan that works 100% for you and your horse...

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A Proven System

Learn how you can begin intentionally using the training scale today to develop both you and your horses communication & way of going...

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A Step by Step Plan

Your days of arriving at the yard and feeling unsure about what to work on - or how to do it - are over with this simple, easy to follow plan

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LIfetime Access

Because we understand that with horses, things are never as straight forward as they seem! Dip in and out over the coming months & years...

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Training Library

A full library of audio & video trainings, all laid out & ready to dive into whenever you need it

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Suggested Plans

A fortnightly plan for you to simply take use as it is, or tweak it suit you and your horse

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Group Support

To keep you working towards your goals, especially when things feel difficult

What Others Are Saying...

"Lorna provides wonderful insights that always seem to provide a new way of thinking about a problem I am struggling with. It is very practical, but at the same time gives food for thought that I can build on..."

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To start working with your horse using a proven path that will build true conversation between you & your horse

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This Works...

"Lorna has a clear, focused and compassionate presentation.  I always want to try her suggestions out right away!"

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Learn What, Why & How

Videos that outline each of the module and explain exactly what it is. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long - I want to give you the information you need, minus all the 'fluff' in between.

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Then Take Action 

Audio Trainings for you to listen to when and where you need them. Use them on the way to the barn to inspire you for the upcoming ride, on the commute to work, or listen as you ride your horse

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Works With Equestrian Lifestyle

All material is easily accessible via your smart phone via a handy free app, tablet / iPad, laptop or desktop computer. Technical support is available if you do experience any problems or have any questions


The Clarity & Confidence Riding Program is essentially a 7 module, step by step plan showing you how you can begin using the training scale today to develop both you and your horses natural abilities while being ridden. 

All The Help You Need To Begin Moving Forward with Your Horse...

  • 7 IN-DEPTH MODULES (on the different steps of the traditional training scale)
  • IMMEDIATE LIFETIME ACCESS (so you can start today where you are right now - and dip in and out in the months and years to come)
  • ACTUAL RIDING & SCHOOLING PLANS (which contain exercises that will help focus you and your horse while riding)
  • A PRIVATE GROUP TO SUPPORT YOU (allowing you to connect with other riders on similar journeys)
  • PEACE OF MIND (this plan was created by an a trained instructor, who has helped thousands of riders all over the world progress in their riding) 

Plus You Also Get...

Bonus Trainings

Between 4 and 8 trainings in each module, straight from Daily Strides Premium, that you can use while riding your horse. 

The trainings all include exercises that will help you progress with and build on that specific module

SfS Rider's Club Group

An invitation to join the Strides for Success Riders' Club, where Lorna is active daily with her VIP riders. 

Get your questions answered, bonus trainings and mix with other like minded equestrians in a private setting.

Half Halt Trainings

Bonus access to the half halt trainings which will help you connect with your seat and core a little more in order to really begin refining your conversation with your horse 

These trainings can be used by all riders and horses to really move your 'subtle aids' forward. 

This Program Gives You Exactly What You Need to Move Forward with Your Training & Schooling

  • COMPLETE CLARITY ON THE TRAINING SCALE when you begin working on the seven easy to follow modules
  • TRAININGS THAT WILL BE RELEVANT FOR YEARS TO COME lifetime access so you can revisit as you and your horse develop
  • PEACE OF MIND AND FOCUS using the step by step audio trainings, which each work on specific topics
  • A MORE EFFECTIVE SEAT which you will initially plug into with the half halt trainings - and then refine over the months and years 
  • THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND in order to really make lasting change in both you and your horses way of going and thinking
  • ONGOING SUPPORT inside of your private group
  • A TRAINER TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS when you participate in the Q&A's that happen each week 

Hey There...

I'm Lorna Leeson and my goal is to help as many riders, just like you, as possible all over the world to have better conversations with their horses... 

I have helped thousands of riders all over the world make progress in their riding - and 'fill in the gaps' in their riding knowledge

I am a trained riding instructor who loves working with riders that truly want to improve their overall connection and communication with their horse. 

I can help you both fill in any 'blanks' in your knowledge and training as well as help you feel confident and 'at ease' while doing it

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With a 7 day money back guarantee theres no risk in joining the Clarity & Confidence Riding Program.

Horse riding is a personal journey - all riders will advance at different levels. We are committed to helping you move forward in a way that you can build on later should you wish to do so.