Connection is Closed for Now

However, you can join the waitlist to make sure you are one of the first to hear when Connection opens its doors again. 


Have you noticed how good you feel after watching the videos or your call with your trainer - only for it to all fall apart as soon as you actually get into the saddle and begin trying to implement what you have learned?

Connection is unique because you get the information you need AND a coach to help you take correct action.  

"Always gets me thinking and trying new approaches - 
Lorna provides wonderful insights that always seem to provide a new way of thinking about a problem I am struggling with..."

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Knowing what to do and how to do it is all well and good - but it is only through 'doing' that you will truly begin improving as a rider, and helping your horse develop. 

Connection is a combination of audio horse riding lessons, coaching, live training and daily interaction in the private group. 

Lessons you can simply download or stream onto your smart phone and then listen to on your way to the barn - or from your own saddle as you ride. 

Hey There, Lorna Here...

I have been successfully training riders from all over the world for 7 years now, using online and virtual coaching.

I am the host of the Daily Strides Podcast and the founder of  I am also a riding instructor with a knack for taking often misunderstood principles in horse riding and transforming them into simple, step by step processes that any rider can follow. 

"I believe that every interaction with your horse should add to the conversation; both on the ground and in the saddle... "

I also firmly believe that horse riding should be fun for everyone involved; horse and rider.  

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Connection Works Because You Can...

  • Practice the lessons as often as you like
  • Visualise yourself doing it with your horse
  • Listen while you ride, just like having an instructor with you in the arena
  • Build a plan for your riding going forward that will serve you and your horse.
  • And begin taking correct, guided action in your riding again.

"Lorna makes me feel more confident in my daily riding I'm so grateful for the podcasts..."