Worried about the lack of focus in your rides? Unsure of what to do each time you get into the arena? 

On demand trainings to use in your riding and a rhythm to help you build consistency



Have you noticed how good you feel after watching the videos or your call with your trainer - only for it to all fall apart as soon as you actually get into the saddle and begin trying to implement what you have learned?

Connection is unique because you get the information you need AND a coach to help you take correct action.  

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Step by Step Training

Easy to follow guidance that allows you to immediately begin implementing what you learn in your riding

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Ask Your Questions

Not just learning, Connection is coaching. Live Q&A's and a group where you can connect with Lorna daily

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Train From Anywhere

Connection is also available on an App; meaning if you can bring your phone, you can bring your training

"Always gets me thinking and trying new approaches - 
Lorna provides wonderful insights that always seem to provide a new way of thinking about a problem I am struggling with..."

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Knowing what to do and how to do it is all well and good - but it is only through 'doing' that you will truly begin improving as a rider, and helping your horse develop. 

Connection is a combination of audio horse riding lessons, coaching, live training and daily interaction in the private group. 

Lessons you can simply download or stream onto your smart phone and then listen to on your way to the barn - or from your own saddle as you ride. 

Hey There, Lorna Here...

I have been successfully training riders from all over the world for 7 years now, using online and virtual coaching.

I am the host of the Daily Strides Podcast and the founder of SridesforSuccess.com.  I am also a riding instructor with a knack for taking often misunderstood principles in horse riding and transforming them into simple, step by step processes that any rider can follow. 

"I believe that every interaction with your horse should add to the conversation; both on the ground and in the saddle... "

I also firmly believe that horse riding should be fun for everyone involved; horse and rider.  

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Success Has a Rhythm...

Connection helps you to develop yours in your riding by creating a consistent cycle through the essential elements required for better riding & training. 

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It is proven, when you clean up your thoughts & beliefs about your riding, you begin taking different actions and it is the action that leads to the change you want. 

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Not just before and after each ride, but a focus on actual groundwork, lunging and long lining in order to improve the conversation in the saddle between you & your horse

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For most riders, the basics are where bad habits take root. Revising & polishing what you put on autopilot will allow you to focus your attention on developing your skills. 

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Truly stepping into your role as team leader and trainer. Begin making the transition from 'Passenger' in the saddle, to 'Influencer' by developing you & your horses training

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Planning & Reviews

Often the missing link for riders working alone, you will learn how to plan your months riding and how to use each passing month as a way to refine your plans going forward

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Connection Success Plan

New trainings every week to help you remain on track, stay motivated and continue to take consistent correct action; while you work through the 5 essentials.

Join Connection Today & Get... 

Connection Online Membership for Equestrians

$47 per month

Will allow you to...

  • Continue to keep working on developing your skills as a rider, even if you are working at home and alone right now
  • Get the guidance you need to train or retrain your horse without having an instructor or trainer in the arena with you
  • Transform how you think about yourself as a rider and your abilities in the saddle through consistent, ongoing, mindset training
  • An actual plan for what to do in the saddle, every ride and every week going forward. No more 'wandering' around the arena wishing and hoping your riding improves
  • A way to keep your riding fun and interesting.  If you have been feeling overwhelmed about planning each ride, Connection does the planning so you can simply get to work on your riding.
  • All the support you need along the way in the private group, weekly new content, and live Q&A's

All The Training & Support You Need to Go From Learning to Doing in the Saddle

Learning is one thing.

Connection is about taking action on what you learn and then providing you with the help you need as challenges appear.   

Because the trainings inside of the program can be revisited over and over again, you get to consistently work on improving your skills, ride by ride.  

What This Actually Means for You and Your Riding... 

  • REAL LIFE SUPPORT FROM A TRAINER (helping you figure out what to do and how to overcome any challenges you may face) 
  • ACTUAL RIDING AND LESSON PLANS (taking all the guesswork out of what to do in the saddle each day)
  • PEACE OF MIND (All material is created by an a trained instructor, who has helped thousands of riders virtually from all backgrounds, all around the globe, to improve their riding)
  • EASE OF USE (all your training available on your smart phone, via an app or podcast player)

And If You Get 'Stuck'...

Lorna is active on a daily basis inside of the private group helping riders to overcome challenges as they show up. 

Couple this with monthly live Q&A's which are recorded and available inside of your Connection Members Area.

You can also submit your questions ahead of time to be answered on the call if you cannot make it live. 

Join Connection Today

Connection Monthly Subscription

$47 per month

Get Immediate Access To:-

  • New trainings delivered straight to you each Thursday
  • 5 new audio horse riding lessons training every month
  • 1 new mindset training each month
  • 2 weeks of training from the now retired Daily Strides Premium archives (audio horse riding lessons) which complement the theme for the month
  • 1 live Q&A each month based on the trainings for that month
  • A new riding plan for each month
  • A personalised audio feed set up for you that will deliver your trainings straight to your favourite podcast app every week
  • Daily interaction inside of the private group with Lorna and other riders
  • Bonus trainings inside of the private group
  • Opportunity to work 1 to 1 with Lorna for 3 months each quarter
  • Cancel anytime

Connection Annual Subscription

$470 per year

Everything Inside of Monthly AND:-

  • BONUS:  A 30 minute private coaching call with me every month to help keep you on track
  • BONUS:- Complementary access to all paid workshops & programs for the year
  • BONUS:- 2 free months of Connection

The world has been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic...

Connection gives you the tools, the training and the support to continue to your riding, from the safety of your own arena. 

Your own time, your own arena, your own horse...


Connection Works Because You Can...

  • Practice the lessons as often as you like
  • Visualise yourself doing it with your horse
  • Listen while you ride, just like having an instructor with you in the arena
  • Build a plan for your riding going forward that will serve you and your horse.
  • And begin taking correct, guided action in your riding again.

"Lorna makes me feel more confident in my daily riding I'm so grateful for the podcasts..."


Get the Support You Want Along The Way...

Many riders fall into the trap of simply learning when it comes to their riding.

Developing your skills as a rider requires you to ride, and Connection is created to help keep you motivated, inspired and taking action from the saddle.

With weekly new trainings, monthly Q&A's, regular bonus trainings and a private group to connect with Lorna and other riders, Connection will truly help you to move forwards in your riding.

"I am finding the episodes in this subject extremely helpful. I’m based in NZ so it’s universal too, which is great. The content is motivational without being fake or airy fairy, and they are full to the brim with knowledge. Thanks Lorna!"


Questions about Connection

All If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or message the Strides for Success Facebook Page and we will get back to you within 24 hours

Life has changed for most riders... 

Connection may be the perfect solution if you:-

  • need confidence in your own abilities as you ride alone and train your horse

  • Need short, easy to follow training that fit into your schedule, however it looks right now

  • Want a resource that allows you to learn from and apply immediately in the saddle - or in the car, on your walk, mucking out, grooming...

  • Tired of spinning your wheels wondering what is the missing piece in your riding that will tie it all together

  • Are looking for input from an instructor who has a proven track record helping equestrians online and virtually

  • Are finally ready to start focusing on improving your horses way of going using a proven, time tested system