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Daily Strides Premium Private Podcast...

10 audio horse riding lessons delivered straight to your phone every month

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This is Different from Everything Else You Have Tried...

Imagine on the 1st and the 15th of each month, you were handed an actual plan for your rides...

A step-by-step map that explains to you what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you can communicate that to your horse - in a way you both understand and can work at when riding

Imagine how, because of this map, you became excited to ride again - you began making your time in the saddle a priority again...

This is what I can do for you - a plan for every ride and a lot of fun following it :)


Do you find yourself riding the same 20 or 30 minutes of work, on repeat, day in and day out...

The same 'wonky' circle, the same tired school figures, the same challenges - over and over...

Other tasks begin to take top priority - meaning less time spent riding

Progress slows and eventually stops

Confidence in your abilities as a rider drops dramatically

And the thoughts of saddling up and riding is just not fun anymore! 


$220 annually

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  • 10 audio horse riding lessons per month
  • All delivered on a private podcast feed straight to your phone
  • Monthly themes 
  • Access to past lessons
  • 2 months for free

1 Full Year of Training

Have a plan for every single time to visit your horse and make the coming 12 months a transformative one for you and your horse

My goal is to get you back on track for making progress and enjoying your riding time again. 

Horse riding lessons that are truly as flexible as you need them to be...


Join today and we can be on a lesson together within minutes. You don't even need a horse, lots of my riders listen to their lessons out of the saddle and then put the concepts into practice later when they are riding. 

...I just had an amazing bareback ride listening to those audio lessons! I can now feel the forward/back motion of the trot and my sitting trot definitely improved just in the short time I was in the arena. It was a blast..."


Staci ~ U.S.A

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$22.00 monthly

  • 10 audio horse riding lessons every month
  • All delivered straight to your phone via a private podcast feed
  • Monthly themes
  • A plan for every time you work with your horse! 
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Audio horse riding lessons that you can download and listen to over and over again, keeping you motivated, inspired, and on track to becoming the best version of yourself in the saddle.



This includes...

  • 10 guided audio horse riding lessons each month
  • Delivered straight to your phone on the 1st and the 15th of every month
  • Step-by-step horse riding instruction, from an experienced online equestrian trainer
  • Learn more about the whats, the hows, the wheres, the whens, and the whys you are doing what you are doing in the saddle
  • A central theme each month for you to work on
  • A way to be consistent with your training, so that you begin to see progress - for you and your horse
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  • Everything in the monthly subscription plus...
  • A quarterly private video review from Lorna to work help you gain the most from the training (value $396) 
  • 2 months free Daily Strides Premium subscription

Make Every Ride Great

If you join Daily Strides Premium, you'll be taking a huge step towards reconnecting with the feelings that ignited your passion for riding in the first place...

Audio horse riding lessons that you can download and listen to repeatedly, to help you stay motivated, inspired, and on track to becoming the best version of you in the saddle.

Carefully curated collection of lessons to help you focus on specific challenges or move forward in specific areas of your riding.

Themed months to help you feel supported in riding.

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