Do You Want to Learn How To Effectively Train Your Horse?

(Especially if you working alone without a full-time coach or trainer)

Find out more about becoming a Founding Rider in my brand new program Homeschooling Your Horse


Learn how to clearly explain new things to your horse so that he can begin improving and developing, by using a simple, proven system. 

Get personal attention, accountability, and feedback as you begin to understand how you can positively influence your horse. 

And all of this, so that you can repeat, retrain, and refine your skills as a rider and as a trainer. 

Hey There, Lorna Here...

I have been successfully training riders from all over the world using online and virtual coaching since 2013

I am the host of the Daily Strides Podcast and the founder of  I am also a riding instructor with a knack for taking often misunderstood principles in horse riding and transforming them into simple, step-by-step processes that any rider can follow. 

"I believe that every interaction with your horse should add to the conversation; both on the ground and in the saddle... "

I also firmly believe that horse riding should be fun for everyone involved; horse and rider.  

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If You Are Looking To...

    • Having a calm and trustworthy horse that you can enjoy
    • Developing a balanced, rhythmic walk, trot, canter, and beyond...
    • Creating a solid, correct foundation you can build on going forward
    • Removing the confusion - for you and your horse

Then find out more about becoming one of the limited number of Founding Riders in Homeschooling Your Horse