Lunging is the most effective way to train your horse and improve your aids when working alone without a trainer or coach

*Regardless of how well you ride*


A rider who can effectively communicate with their horse has FAR more influence and predictable progress than one who doesn't.

The system I provide in Lunging for Riding helps you to continue to improve your skills as a rider, without a trainer or coach. By simply using your own horse as your 'feedback giver', you can immediately begin to become more consistent and effective in your training.

This new approach to working with your horse allows you to produce high-quality training sessions for your horse while improving the partnership. Meaning that you make progress EVERY SINGLE SESSION. 

It's just as easy to create a 'Stepping Stone Lunging Session' as it is to wander around the barn for 20 minutes...

Here are some examples of who can benefit from an intentional, well-planned out, lunging session... 

Green Horses

Whether your horse needs basic training or re-training (OTTB or similar) lunging is the perfect place to begin the conversation in a way that will make riding so much easier and clearer for horse and rider. 

Novice Riders

Lunging is the perfect way to really begin training or developing yourself and your horse, even if your skills are not where you want them to be yet in the saddle.  In fact, lunging will help you get them there...

Riding Horses

A whole new way to really begin to deepen the conversation between you and your horse, lunging can offer you both so much. And done correctly, lunging will enhance your conversations in the saddle as well

And why is lunging such a successful addition to all of their training plans?

Because they have seen how having a clear intention and plan for each training session - regardless of the time available - helps to increase responsiveness, understanding, and ability for horse and rider. 

Working Alone with No Feedback Makes Progress Challenging!

What if you continue working like this?

If you are working alone with your dream horse, and feel stuck, unsure, worried, and overwhelmed as to how well you are training... You need feedback! 


Not changing means you run the risk of...

  • Losing confidence in your abilities
  • Resenting your horse
  • Feelings of shame 
  • Your horse becoming a bone of contention with the VIPs in your life
  • Maybe even having to sell your horse...

Hi There, I'm Lorna

Since 2013 I have been working with thousands of equestrians online, helping them to improve their skills and their overall conversation with their horses.

As the host of the Daily Strides Podcast for Equestrians, and an equestrian trainer and coach, I have had the opportunity to really discover what it is that holds riders back from making the progress they want in their riding. 

I am convinced that 'working alone' without a trainer or coach does not have to be one of those things!

My mission is to help riders who are 'doing it alone' to learn the skills necessary to not only improve their riding, but to successfully train their horse as well. 

And, I know that having a correct lunging technique is one of the simplest ways for riders to achieve this. 

There are Two Types of Riders When it Comes to Lunging... 

The "Chase the Horse is Circles" Rider

This type of rider thinks that running in circles is lunging! They will often complain that lunging 'doesn't work' for them or that it is simply a way to tire a fresh horse out!

They are not open to new ideas and methods in their training and are usually looking for a quick fix. 

They are also unwilling to accept responsibility, especially when it comes to improving their skills and their horse's training...

The Committed and Consistent Rider

This equestrian knows that there are always different ways when working with their horse and they enjoy becoming a 'scientist' when evaluating how well they work. 

They understand that most of what is happening is due to previous training or their own actions. Their horse is simply responding to them, and therefore if they can improve, tweak, change, and refine what they are doing, they will get a better response. 

So I began thinking about how I could use my own experience and knowledge to help the riders who wanted to take their training further. Help the riders who were willing to put in the focus, effort, time, and attention. 

And Lunging for Riding was born!

Since then I have helped hundreds of riders, working alone, all over the world to really use this powerful tool to improve their riding and train their own horse...

And now, I am so excited to share lunging for riding with you!

If you are an equestrian working alone most of the time with your horse (without a trainer or coach)

If you are willing to take the time to do things 'the right way' for lasting results

If you keep your horse at home or at a boarding barn

And if you are ready to have a simple plan to reach a specific outcome with each ride...

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So What is Lunging for Riding?

Lunging for Riding is an easy-to-follow, step by step 4 module program that will show you how to use simple lunging to improve your riding and your horse's training. 

Working Forward

Here is where you will successfully get started with lunging (even if you have never lunged before or have been unsuccessful with past attempts) and find out how to build a solid foundation for training and development going forward.


This is all about helping you refine your aids and help your horse listen and become more responsive when on the lunge.  Both elements are key to creating a long-lasting 'feedback loop' for you and your horse when training and working together.


Knowing about suppleness and what to both ask for and look for are different things! Here, you will learn how to ask and work towards suppleness. You will also learn how to identify areas needing attention and how to consistently develop suppleness in your horse while working. 

Self Carriage

Understanding what true self-carriage is and how to become more realistic when working towards it.  Also, how to use 'moments of silence' in your communication with your horse to help train and develop both on the lunge - and across to when you're in the saddle.

Bonus - Ongoing Support

When you join Lunging for Riding, you will also be invited to join our private Strides for Success Rider's Club Facebook group.  This means that you will also receive weekly 'live trainings' inside of the group and it is somewhere to get your questions answered as they show up. 

Beginning to Transform Everything About Your Riding is Simply One Decision Away...

Lunging for Riding

$99 One Time Payment

This includes...

  • A complete system you can use to transform your communication with your horse
  • 4 weeks of step by step trainings
  • Suggested topics to work on in your riding to complement your work on the lunge
  • Suitable for riders of all levels, even if you have never lunged before

So, To Be Clear...

When you purchase the complete Lunging For Riding Program today, you can get started today working through Module 1. 

You will also get lifetime access to the program and will receive all updates on the program as they happen in the future. 

I am so excited to think about what this can do for you and your horse...