Want to create your Comeback to Riding?

Make Horse Riding a Regular in Your Life Again in just 9 Weeks... 

And transition from being a 'Passenger' in the saddle to becoming a 'Rider'!


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Private Coaching For You And Your Horse....

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Live Private Lessons

Inside the VIP Program, we will train together, live in your own arena so you can put the training into practice. This is all done over your phone - all you need is a good-quality camera on your smartphone and an internet connection

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1-to-1 Accountability

Inside the VIP Program, we will have a private 1 to 1 chat channel that you can use to reach out daily if challenges show up.  This also helps keep you on track and move through the program. This is a personal private chat on a separate App. 

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Video Reviews 

Inside the VIP Program, you will receive weekly personal & private video reviews of your riding. Yep, you can record your rides during the week, send them on and I can help you make strategic changes in your very next ride.  


A rider who can clearly communicate, using their position and aids, about what they want has a far greater chance of being understood by their horse...

And a rider who has successfully placed the basics onto autopilot has the space to begin to focus on the horses way of going

The Returning to Riding Program will ensure that you not only understand your aids and how they work but that you can then use them to have better conversations with your horse

"Always gets me thinking and trying new approaches - 
Lorna provides wonderful insights that always seem to provide a new way of thinking about a problem I am struggling with..."

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Reaching a point in your riding journey where you no longer have to think about the basics opens the door to so much more...

Starting with a shift towards training your horse and improving both of your way of going...

Hey There, Lorna Here...

and my goal is to help riders just like you, make progress in the saddle, while enjoying themselves and having fun along the way. 

I am the host of the Daily Strides Podcast. I blog over at StridesforSuccess.com and I'm a trained riding instructor who loves working with novice & 'lapsed' riders helping them to establish confidence, fitness and enjoyment in the saddle again.  

"I believe that every interaction with your horse should add to the conversation; both on the ground and in the saddle... "

I can help you both get in the saddle consistently and in a way that will help you feel confident and 'at ease' while there

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Work With Me Today >>

I am thrilled to share the NEWLY UPDATED Returning to Riding Program with you, especially if you are...

A Novice or 'Beginner'

who wants to fast-track your learning and your skills as a rider

Getting Back to Regular Riding

whether it's after a break of 2 months or 22 years (or more)

Riding Alone, at Home

without a regular instructor, trainer, or coach and struggling

So What Is the Returning to Riding Program?

Returning to Riding is a 6 module program that will help you to put the basics of horse riding onto autopilot so that you can finally begin to focus on developing and training yourself and your horse

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get...

Everything you will need to make the transition from passenger to driver in your riding...

Module 1The Conversation

You'll discover many concepts such as...

  • How to begin cultivating a great conversation with your horse
  • Potential mindset challenges that have been holding you back
  • The role your fitness plays in your riding
  • How to begin making riding a regular feature in your weeks again
  • 4 new audio horse riding lessons to use to help you with your aids

Module 2 - Your Position

This is where you'll learn, amongst other things,:-

  • Why your position is essential to clear, effective communication between horse and rider 
  • How to quickly and easily assess your own position
  • Quick and effective ways you can improve your position to create more responsiveness in your riding
  • 4 new audio horse riding lessons to use to help you with your aids

Module 3 - Your Aids

Here, I'll share with you all things aids related, including...

  • How to develop confidence in using your aids
  • Learning to decide what aids to use when to create a specific response
  • How to begin to refine your aids from being obvious to becoming more subtle
  • 4 new audio horse riding lessons to use to help you with your aids

It's around this point on our journey together that you will really get to begin seeing how 'good basics' can help to improve and develop both your riding and your horse... 

Module 4 - Bending & Turning

Sounds simple, and yet understanding that it's not your job to turn your horse, but rather to ask your horse to turn in a key part of becoming a good rider... In here you will learn concepts like:-

  • Understanding how the horse bends correctly
  • Riding through a bend in a way that allows your horse to respond, and develop
  • The concept of straightness through a bend and developing suppleness in your horse
  • 4 new audio horse riding lessons to use to help you with your aids

Module 5 - Trotting

In this module, you will discover things like:- 

  • Your influence over your horse in the trot, both posting and sitting
  • How to begin identifying what can be improved in the trot (rather than just accepting what is there now)
  • Creating smoother transitions into and out of the trot
  • 4 new audio horse riding lessons to use to help you with your aids

Module 6 - Cantering

And you will even begin working on developing your positive influence in the canter- 

  • Identifying where and how you can improve when in the canter
  • Understanding and refining the rhythm in the canter
  • More accurate, 'clean', and light transitions both into and out of the canter
  • 4 new audio horse riding lessons to use to help you with your aids

And Bonus to Help You On Your Journey...

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Back in the Saddle

The original 6-week audio program began the whole Returning to Riding journey. It is a fantastic resource packed full with 30 audio horse riding lessons (value $99)

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Work on Boundaries

The original 4-week Groundwork Series from Daily Strides Premium to help you develop your aids, your expectations, and your conversation on the ground with your horse (value $47)

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Riding is a Team Sport

4 weeks of workouts for you to begin developing and improving your fitness, suppleness, and stamina to help your coordination, independence, and balance when riding (value $47)

This is Where You Get to Improve Your...

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Use the trainings to focus & prepare you for each ride, so each one builds on the last

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Y O U R  A I D S

Understand what each aid is for and how they all work together - then practice using them

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Begin trusting yourself and your abilities in and out of the saddle; become the team leader.

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Begin making the transition from 'Passenger' in the saddle, to 'Influencer' in how your horse goes

Option 1 - Self Study


$197 (single payment)

Join today and get...

  • The full Returning to Riding Program which will give you step by step guidance on what will and how to improve your skills as a rider
  • An audio training/lesson to listen to every time you're in the saddle.  No more 'wandering' around the arena wishing and hoping your riding improves
  • All your training accessible via a Private Podcast Feed and a free App
  • An opportunity to improve your rider fitness with a dedicated workout program
  • BONUS:- The original 6 week, step by step 'let's get back to regular riding' program to follow

All The Training You Need to Put Your Basics onto Autopilot in Your Riding

Our goal is to give you all the tools you will need to help you begin getting all of your basics onto autopilot.

The pieces of training inside of the program can be revisited over and over again as you reach new levels in your riding. 

What This Means for You and Your Riding... 

  • LESSONS FROM A TRAINER (helping you figure out what to do to learn to have better control over your aids in the saddle) 
  • ACTUAL RIDING AND LESSON PLANS (taking all the guesswork out of what to do in the saddle each day)
  • PEACE OF MIND (this program was created by a trained instructor, who has helped numerous riders from all backgrounds, all around the globe, make the transition from 'Passenger' to 'Rider' in the saddle)

Option 2 - 2024 is My Year!

March 2024 VIP Coaching

$597 (payment plan now available)

Sign up for some VIP treatment today & and get...

  • 9 weeks of personalized¬†private coaching¬†on a private¬†chat channel
  • 3 live 30-minute horse riding lessons via Zoom
  • A real person to¬†reach out to you each week, cheer you on, support you, call you out if necessary, and keep you moving forward in your riding
  • Weekly¬†video reviews (9 in total)¬†telling¬†you the specific things¬†you should work on in your riding to make maximum progress
  • All your training accessible via a Private Podcast Feed and a free App
  • The full Returning to Riding Program and all that goes with it...

Go 'All In' with Private Support and Training for 9 weeks...

Helping riders make the transition from simply sitting in the saddle to really 'riding' is a passion of mine. 

If you are looking to create lasting transformation in your riding, this is the option for you. 

Choose the Option that Best Suits You In Your Riding Journey

Returning to Riding - Self Study

$197 (save $150)

Single payment includes:-

  • 6 Modules of the new Returning to Riding Program
  • BONUS 1:- The Original Returning to Riding 6 week program (value $99)
  • BONUS 2: The Half Halt Training (value $47)
  • BONUS 3: The original Groundwork Series (value $47)
  • BONUS 4:- 4 weeks of suggested workouts and exercises for you, the rider (value $29)

Returning to Riding VIP Coaching


Single Payment Includes:-

  • Complete Returning to Riding Program
  • 1 initial 20-minute private ‚Äėon-boarding' call with¬†Lorna
  • A private chat for 9 weeks of accountability & coaching via Telegram App
  • 3 private 30 minute horse riding lessons from the comfort of your own arena
  • 9 private video reviews of your riding
  • Initial implementation support from¬†the team

Payment Plan for VIP Coaching is available HERE

"Lorna makes me feel more confident in my daily riding I'm so grateful for the podcasts..."


Questions Other Riders Had Before Joining Returning to Riding

All If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or message the Strides for Success Facebook Page and we will get back to you within 24 hours

"I am finding the episodes in this subject extremely helpful. I’m based in NZ so it’s universal too, which is great. The content is motivational without being fake or airy fairy, and they are full to the brim with knowledge. Thanks Lorna!"


Get the Support You Want Along The Way...

With a dedicated team waiting to help you move forward in your riding, we have you covered where support is concerned. 

Couple this with regular ongoing live training inside of the private group and regular updates, Returning to Riding will truly help you to move forwards in your riding.

Everything Can Look & Feel so Different in Your Riding in Just 9 Weeks..

  • Commit to your riding and let the momentum of the program get you the results you crave
  • Feel your confidence in your own abilities grow and then build from there
  • Short, easy-to-follow audio training you can learn from and apply immediately in the saddle - or in the car, on your walk, mucking out, grooming...
  • Lifetime access to a system that will continue to offer you new insights each time you return to it - from each new perspective in your riding journey...
  • Finally, start focusing on improving your horse's way of going because you have mastered the basics using this proven system
Join Returning to Riding Today >>

Your Risk Free Guarantee

I believe in this program and how valuable it can be for you - if you commit to doing the work.  The simple fact remains that wishing, hoping and praying will not improve your skills as a rider - action is necessary in order to improve. 

I am offering you a no risk money back guarantee for the first 7 days of the program.  All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] explaining why you want your money back - and we will gladly oblige you. Due to the fact that you can download the material, we have a strict no refund policy in place after 7 days.

However, if you do the work and still feel that you have not moved forward in your riding, we commit to working more closely with you in order to create positive change in your riding.  


Returning to Riding gives you the tools, training and support you need to begin really understanding the conversation - and your role in it.